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What does marriage mean? By definition marriage means “the legally or formally recognized union of two people as partners in a personal relationship.” Many people say that they want their marriage lasts a lifetime, but nowadays there are couples who marry for few months and then they get divorce. Unfortunately these people do not have the ability to understand what it takes to stay marry and commitment to each other. Gillian Flynn’s novel “Gone Girl” follows the disappearance of Amy Dunne who is married to Nick Dunne. The movie Side Effect is about a woman, Emily, who waits four years for her husband to get released from prison, because he is imprisoned for insider trading. The novel “Gone Girl” by Gillian Flynn and the movie Side Effect, give readers/viewers the opportunity to see how can a relationship be ruined by little things. Gone girl and Side Effect are similar in, when the two main male characters are concern when something happens to a woman, how they end up on the wrong side of the society, and how the author and the director uses flashbacks to gives more information to the readers. First of all, the novel is written from two points of view. Each character describes each other’s personality and their marriage in their own perspective. Sometimes in life there are objective wrongs that we see upon our loved ones such as lies, affairs, and hurtful actions that leave cracks on the surface of our hearts. But in a relationship there is not always one person that is wrong or right, otherwise that relationship won’t be balanced. It would always look like a seesaw which one person is always holding and carrying the weight all by themselves without getting any help from their partner. This Novel is not kind of a romantic novel, the author does not talk about love, and great images and happiness, in fact Gillian talks more about thorns and how the characters marriage is not working. Theres is this quote from “Gone Girl” which Amy wrote in her Journal: “Nick and I fit together. I am a little too much, and he is a little too little. I am a thornbush bristing from the over attention of my parents, and he is a man of a million little fatherly stab wounds, and my thorns fit perfectly into them.” So on one hand there is this symbol of love where two people fit perfectly for each other, but at the same time all those complement are about thorns forever jabbing into open wounds. And originally the reader is introduced to the difficult marriage of Nick and Amy Dunne. Amy’s journal entries from the past tells much of a happier and easier bond between Nick and herself, while in the present tense Nick describes their marriage as an unsuccessful and abandoned relationship. Amy’s journal from the past lead the readers to believe that she is happy while Nick in the present day describes her wife as stubborn and anti-social. And since this book is written in two different perspectives it kind of gives the reader that sense of uncertainty and mystery. When Amy wanted to marry Nick she writes in her diary that: “Everyone told us and told us and told us marriage is hard work. And compromise and more work.” Nick Dunne who was a working with a magazine few years ago in New York now has a bar with his sister Margo in their hometown. Amy who was not very happy about moving to Nick’s hometown eventually moves there with him. Living outside New York and some place that everything looks the same was pretty hard for Amy but the hardest and more upsetting thing was when Nick cheated on her and because of that she wanted to take revenge. She disappears into woods on her fifth anniversary and tries to frame Nick and make everyone believe that Nick murdered her. While she is missing Amy tells herself: “I’m so much happier now that I’m dead. Technically missing. Soon to be presumed dead. Gone. And my lazy lying shitting oblivious husband will go to prison for my murder. Nick Dunne took my pride and my dignity and my hope and my money. He took and took from me until I no longer existed. That’s murder. Let the punishment fit the crime. To fake a convincing murder you have to have discipline.” By taking his pride and money Amy means that, because Nick lost his job in New York and they moved to Nick’s hometown and Nick now owns a bar with her sister Margo, Amy thinks that Nick took all her money and waste it on something that does not mean anything and they could have done better things back in New York. Another important thing about this novel is narrative. How reality is all in the power of one character holding a pen, microphone, and a camera. Like Amy’s father says “the truth is malleable; you just need to pick the right expert.” People are all living in a world where so many things are flashing right in front of their eyes but sometimes they are just too blind to see them and that the truth may get lost in things that are not true and unnecessary. This fact also applies for Amy. Amy is always creating fake narratives and no one is able to see that because God knows how good she is. She wants the media to believe what she is saying and doing is right and she would do anything for that. For example, she says some false things about Nick in her journal about being a wife beater, and since that poor Nick is the character that catches the media’s attention and since Amy wrote that in her journal they all start eating up Nick and close their eyes on reality and what is actually true. But truth and what matters the most are not the only two things that get lost in this world, people’s identities do too. The Title of the book not only represents the disappearance of Amy Dunne but also that person who she was before is now gone as well. And now she is a whole new complete psychopath. Here is another quote that can be related to this: “Amazing Amy. Preppy 80’s girl. Ultimate- Frisbee Granola and blushing ingenue and witty hepbrnian sophisticate. Brainy ironic girl and Boho babe. Cool girl and loved wife and unloved wife and vengeful scorned wife. Diary Amy.” In real life when someone keeps on accusing someone for not being a good person eventually that person will become a monster that everyone were talking about. For instant poor Nick who was not an abusive husband will physically abuse his wife and get this thought of killing her.   Second, the movie, Side Effect is about a husband and wife in which the wife, Emily, waits for four years for her husband’s release because he had been imprisoned for insider trading. When her husband Martin comes home she still feels as terrible as when he was gone, so she sinks into depression and starts going to psychiatrist with Dr. Jonathan Banks. He prescribes some medications but when she says those do not work, he gives Emily a new medication, but the drug leads to ruin lives and cause death. One night when she was sleep walking she accidentally stabs her husband, Martin, to death and kills him. At first it seems like the “sleepwalking” was the effect of trial depression medication that Jonathan prescribed. As Jonathan was helping Emily after what happened to Martin he discovers that Emily is lying and she is not depress at all and she actually faked her suicide attempt, because she pretended that she attempted suicide. She also had an affair with Dr. Victoria Siebert’s husband while Martin was in prison. Eventually Jonathan was able to prove everyone that he did not do anything wrong. Just like Nick when Amy shows up and Nick is not charged with murdering Amy because she is alive. Last but not least, Gone girl and Side Effect are similar in few ways, like when both men (Nick and Jonathan) are concern because now something happened to a woman and they are in a lot of trouble, because they were somehow one of the reasons that this happened. Jonathan who was a doctor ends up police officers asking so many questions and lost his reputation because when Emily killed her husband she kept on calling Jonathan’s name instead of Martin and it was all on purpose.. And everyone blames Jonathan for that now. In the Gone girl, Nick becomes the prime suspect when his wife Amy goes missing. Both men end up on the wrong side of society, judged by a trial of peers before the law technically has a say. The strongest turnup in the two movies comes from their flashbacks. Gone Girl has more heavily flashbacks, but both try their best to use flashbacks as a contrast and compliment to the present day. Like readers going back and read all Amy’s journal and get more information about Nick and mostly Amy’s life and how it all of a sudden changed. Flashbacks are used to let the viewer/ reader know some important information about the character’s past, while keep focusing on the current action, even though the movie Side Effect, the director kind of failed to properly give some good flashbacks to the viewers. In summary, Jonathan whose plans were not to hurt or make Emily’s conditions worser end up looking guilty and losing his reputation. Because he believed that Emily is sick and needs help when in fact she was faking it all from the beginning. And also Nick who did not do anything to Amy end up looking like he killed Amy. so both men ended up at the wrong side of the society looking guilty. Even though the themes are not that similar to each other but still the way both men are concern and try everything to tell everyone that they did not have anything to do with what is happening, makes these two male characters somehow connected. At the end as it is obvious, in order to have a strong relationship with your partner in marriage there are simple and very important things people must do, like being honest with each other. Even though the truth may hurt sometimes, but still it is better to say the truth than lying or hiding things that may end up hurting someone or ruining lives.

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