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    We all are a part of the earth that we call home, and it should be our reasonably to take care of that home. The environment, which surrounds us has an influence on our health, our safety and on our overall well being. One’s workplace is also important to take into consideration, when it comes to health since some jobs do in fact cause one to live a stressful life, and some even pose danger to one’s health. In order for one to live a healthy, low stress life, they should start with taking care of the environment, since the environment has a huge influence on our well being, whether we realize it or not.     Climate change is a major issue,  the future problems which it can cause is often taken very lightly by many. Climate change’s effect would not only affect the environment but it would also affect human health, wildlife and so many other important issues. Extreme heat, poor air quality, natural disasters, and etcetera are all caused by climate change.  As of now climate change is happening; day by day its getting worse, something needs to be done soon about it.    Extreme heat is one of the many effects of climate change; data on high temperatures have been collected and compared for many ongoing years and the data shows that over time the levels of high temperatures have risen and that today we have far less cold days throughout the year than we did many years ago. Heat waves is the main danger when it comes to extreme heat, since it causes many dangerous illnesses which can be life threatening such as heat strokes. Dizziness, headaches and fainting are caused by the high rise in temperatures. When the temperature levels are high, one’s body is not able to function as it normally would and is more likely to become sick.     Poor air quality is a major issue, the polluted air that one breaths not only affects one’s lungs but also their eyes, nose, throat and overall health. Burning of fossil fuels, different modes of transportations such as cars, buses, and airplanes all pollute the air while they burn gasoline and release carbon monoxide into the air; all this negatively impacts our health and our planet. Air pollution is the cause of many dangerous health problems, the main organ and system affected by this pollutants are the heart, and the  respiratory system. Poor air quality is also responsible for causing cancer in individuals; throughout many years many have lost their live to illnesses such as cancers that are caused by the poor air which we breath dailey.     Natural disasters such as hurricanes, drought, and wildfires are all caused because of climate change, and today natural disasters are happening much more frequently than they did many centuries ago. The rise of sea levels have made it much more easier for hurricanes to happen, and also have increases storm surges. Storm surges are dangerous since they push the water from the ocean towards the land’s surface and this is the cause of cities getting damaged and many losing their home. Because of climate change the ground that we have today is much more drier than it used to be, since water is evaporated out of the soil which leaves the ground to be dry and susceptible to droughts. Many places such as California are getting much less precipitation throughout the year, this in turn causes shortage of water and influences droughts to happen. Wildfires especially in California are very common and this is because of the very dry soil which we have, the dry soil makes it much easier for a fires to start since there’s no moisture in the soil to counterattack the start of a fire.

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