Tier to show that the applicant can speak

Tier 1 Entrepreneur Visa

Main requirements for
a Tier 1 visa.

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Tier 1
entrepreneur visa is available to those who wish to generate income in
the UK and create business opportunities for persons who are already resident
here or who are British Citizens.  Here
are the main requirements for obtaining

to at least £200,000 either in the UK or freely transferable here
from abroad without foreign government prohibitions.
money can be either that of the applicant or of a third party.
must have been held by the appellant for at least 90 days prior to the
application. The money can be for example from sale of business or income
from a business.
the money is from a third party, but the applicant has not held it for at
least 90 days, they can apply if they obtain a letter or statement from
the bank to show the funds are in their possession, and there is a
declaration from the third party as to the source of funds. If that
declaration is not available then the applicant must have held the funds
for at least three months (90 days), before applying.  There is no obligation on the third
party to have held the funds for any period of time but only on the
applicant can apply if the funds have already been invested in the
business before the application is made, provided that the investment took
place less than 12 months before the application.
the applicant has a bachelor’s degree taught in English, he/ she must meet
an English language test. This of course is necessary to show that the
applicant can speak English to carry out business here.
meet the financial maintenance requirements for him and any dependents,
such as wife and children under 18 years of age.
show that her/ she is a genuine business persons rather than one who wants
to just obtain the visa and not to enter into business at all. So the Home
Office will take into account previous experience, qualifications and
other attributes which make the applicant the right person for the job, so
that they are  satisfied that he/
she can carry out the business. 
Good to have a business plan to show genuine business intentions.
will be an initial grant of 3 years followed by an application for an
extension of stay in the same capacity for a period of 2 further years.






Immigration: –           How to obtain
permanent residence and British nationality through a Tier 1 Entrepreneur business visa



If a foreign national who is not a national
of the 28 EU countries comprising of the European Union, wishes to come to the
UK and gain permanent residence and after that British nationality based on a
business visa he/ she will need to comply with certain main requirements.


Requirements for an extension of
stay for the holder of Tier 1 Entrepreneur Visa


1.       The
applicant must show that the sum of £200,000 has been invested in the business.

2.       If
the business has been incorporated into a Limited company that the company has
been registered within 6 months.

3.       At
least two full – time  settled workers
have been created

 Can I get permanent residence
before the completion of 5 years in this category if I am a holder of Tier 1 visa?


The answer is yes, if the
following conditions are met:-

4.       The
business employs 10 settled workers, or

5.       The
business has a turnover of £5 million per annum.


How long can I stay out of the UK during my Tier 1 entrepreneur business visa?


12. In order to get permanent residence some times referred
to as ‘Indefinite leave to remain’ ( ILR), an applicant must not remain out
side the UK for more that 6 months each year during the validity of his / her


Application for
permanent residence based on
Tier 1 Business Visa


13. After living in the UK for a 5 year period as a business
person, the applicant will be able to apply to settle here and obtain
indefinite leave to remain, which means that he/ she can live here without any
further application to the home office, can therefore stay here permanently and
can work where ever he/ she requires in the UK.


Application for British citizenship based on Tier 1 Entrepreneur Visa


14. The applicant must have lawfully resided in the UK for at least
6 years, five years as a business person and another year after getting
permanent residence.

 He. / She should not
have been out of the UK
for more than 450 days in the last 5 years prior to the date of the application
for British Citizenship, and not more than 90 days absence in the year that the
application   is made.

6.       The
applicant must be a person of good character 
not only through out the qualifying period for British Citizenship , but
also for up to a 10 year period prior to the date of the application. So any
irregular immigration status in the UK
prior to making the application, such as previous overstaying or illegally
entering the UK,
or having unspent criminal records could prejudice the application.  Furthermore, since the grant of
naturalisation is at the discretion of the Home office, there would be no right
of appeal against such refusal, but only an administrative review on the same




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