The this voyage, Charlotte meets Captain Jaggery. He

The True Confessions Of Charlotte Doyle, a fictional novel taking place in England, tells the story of a thirteen-year-old girl named Charlotte who takes a voyage to America on “The Seahawk” captained by Mr. Jaggery, a man who is found suspicious after odd events took place. The families who were supposed to accompany her on this voyage did not show up, the crew members had warned her not to sail on this ship, and even busboys carrying her bags feared his name. Charlotte did not like the idea that she was a young female sailing alone on such a feared ship. Feeling that she shouldn’t go on his ship, she did anyway. During this voyage, Charlotte meets Captain Jaggery. He was a well dressed, well shaven, and well-mannered man. Because he reminded her of her father, she believed that she could trust him. After meeting Captain Jaggery, she meets Zachariah, a chef on the Seahawk. He tells Charlotte a story about Captain Jaggery. He told her that he beat a crew member causing him to lose his arm on the last voyage; Charlotte refused to believe him. He later offered her a knife to protect herself. She was a bit intimidated and didn’t think she would put it to good use but she accepted it anyway.One day, Charlotte overhears the crew planning to rebel against Mr. Jaggery and she tells him. Mr. Jaggery grabs his gun and leads to the deck and finds the man that he had beaten on the last voyage with a gun in his hand ready to shoot him; Jaggery shoots the man. Zachariah stands up and calls out the cruel captain and gets beaten to death by Jaggery and his first mate. Charlotte now takes after Zachariah and becomes a crew member and works with the other sailors. A problem arises once Jaggery’s first mate, Mr. Hollybrass, is found dead with Charlotte’s knife in is back. Charlotte had become the suspect. Awaiting trial, Charlotte discovers that Zachariah is not dead but he was severely injured after he visits her cell. Finally, Charlotte was taken to trial and found guilty. She was sentenced to death. Before she was about to be executed, Zachariah and Charlotte had figured out that it was Mr. Jaggery who had killed his first mate. They had remembered on multiple occasions, Jaggery and his first mate had fought. Charlotte had also recalled that she told Jaggery where her blade was. He could have easily stolen it, stabbed him, and framed Charlotte. Zachariah and Charlotte come up with a plan to rebel against Jaggery but Jaggery finds out after one of his spies had told him. Jaggery and Charlotte meet up on the deck getting ready to fight but the “showdown” was cut short when Jaggery fell off of the ship and died. Charlotte was later declared captain.The ship arrives in Rhode Island and Charlotte says her final goodbyes to Zachariah and the crew. Charlotte arrives home to her mother, father, and two siblings. After a couple of days back home, Charlotte had realized that this life is not for her. She knew that she could not stay. She had to go back to the Seahawk. Charlotte snuck out and became a member of the Seahawk’s crew. 

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