The the torture chamber is a figure of

The Pit and the Pendulum takes place in a very dark room. The writer feels that they are shut in and being put in the ground. The dimness of the room gave off a sense of hiding , worry, and doubt. Next  in the story , the writer rises up and the room is completely bright. He is tied up under a pendulum.  There is a painting of Father Time on the roof and a swaying pendulum with a pointed knife on it. The writer gives the person who is reading the book another state of mind which is hope during the story , the writer not at any time suffers his hope. ” And then my vision fell upon the seven tall candles upon the table. At first they wore the aspect of charity, and seemed white slender angels who would save me .” (Poe 1) Awaken from a slumber , he discovers near his side a block of bread and a jug of water. After drinking deeply, he recognize that the drink may have been under the influence of medication because he instantly passes out again, and after,  he woke up , there is a pale light which tell that the walls exist to be one-half their same size. The illustrations presents that the man is in a bad situation. The hole in the torture chamber is a figure of hell and dungeon. The expression of fate and forthcoming fate is also expressed throughout the story. Poe expresses that the victim is defenseless against the person who has captured him and senses endless intense fear. The victim is convicted to the end of his life and that afterlife is certain only because the man can’t do anything to stop it. The poor man is all alone in the chamber and when he will die, someone is keeping a close eye on him so that he wouldn’t try to escape. The distinct processes of real pain was committed for this man to suffer through dying. If the man didn’t try to leave he would have died in a very horrible way. The first set of times the clock dangled , the writer defines that it was a harsh pain in every nerve it hit. The Spanish Inquisitors is characterized as a evil person having the devil’s eyes.

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