The instruction with 34 percent. 10. In Pune

The study reveals that
a lot of problems are faced by respondents while purchasing the organic
products in the markets. The Findings of the study are as follows.

The primary issues of organic product purchasers are
unpredictable accessibility of organic items. Infrequently, the natural buyer
would buy non-organic items alongside organic items.

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1.      The
organic products are excessively costly than non-organic items. So that the
organic customers are not to buying more amount of items.

2.      The
assortments of organic items which are accessible in the market are restricted.

3.      There
is an absence of awareness about organic items to purchasers.

4.      The
organic items are not appropriately guaranteed from any organic confirmed
organization or expert.

5.      The
organic product shops are very few in the city.

6.      There
is an absence of technology for the procurement of organic items.

7.      The
purchasers are the persuaded about higher cost about organic items.

8.      The
more number of organic items purchaser are matured between 25-40 emphasized for
31 percent.

9.      The
54 percent of the organic items purchasers are Graduates followed by Secondary
school instruction with 34 percent.

10.  In
Pune City, out of 100 purchasers each one favoured organic items.

11.  The
64 percent of the customers buy the organic items day by day.

12.  The
organic items stores are not very many in Pune City, though, 76 percent of the
customers are obtained from organic stores, trailed by Grocery stores with 11

13.  The
buyer opined that organic items keep up great health (58 percent), the nature
of sustenance (26 percent) and great tastes (14 percent).

14.  The
69 percent of the shoppers communicated their conclusion towards cost as costly
for organic items.

15.  The
86 percent of the shoppers are ready to buy the organic items, even the cost is
high just 14 percent of the buyers are not ready to buy.

16.  The
review uncovers that the source of supply of organic items are organic items
outlets/shops in the review zone.

17.  The
fundamental purposes behind not to consuming the organic items by the buyers
are not accessibility of organic items frequently and no choices are given in
the organic items.

18.  The
general Positioning of organic items by the buyers as very good took after by
good and better with 66 percent and 18 percent and 13 percent individually.

19.  The
advertisement and promotion of organic items is low when contrast with
non-organic items.

The educational
background of the buyer is one of the important factor which influence the
purchase of the organic products .the survey shows that there are very 

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