should company and along their right career paths

should project managers establish
coaching and mentorship programs in their respective programs?

to Exforsys, Coaching and mentoring can provide a lot of benefits to different
organizations of all sizes and kinds, especially small businesses. When
conducted in an efficient and productive manner, coaching and mentoring
provides employees a way to connect learn and grow within the company and along
their right career paths and goals.

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and mentoring involve pairing with experienced professionals and employees that
could use help adapting to the environment and routines of the workplace. This
can include pairing a mentor with new employees to help them learn with the
surroundings and get off to a good start .coaching often comes in play when a
new employee or current employee can benefit from personal guidance and
counseling on specific job duties, processes or responsibilities. Small
Companies or Institutions can also use mentors to help develop other employees
along a right career path, such as Administration.

programs help professionals develop and learn new skills under the direction
and advice of an expert. Organizations implement mentoring programs to reach
the goals of the company with the professional expansion of its employees.
Coaching and mentoring provides Importance for the “mentee,” the mentor
and the organization. The following are the reasons as to why project managers
should establish coaching and mentorship programs in their respective programs;

Self-confidence and self esteem

According to Exforsys, It’s important for the Company
management to set this training of mentorship and coaching as through these, it
will be beneficial to its people on the company as it can help
a new employee adjust to the culture in an organization. Through the daily mentoring
of the individuals within the company its helps the employee of the company to
increase the sense of self confidence which has to increase differing from the
past experience and also the employees have to increase their sense of self-esteem
as they reflect a person’s overall subjective emotional evaluation of his or
her own worth and a judgment of oneself as well as an attitude toward the self
and encompasses belief about oneself.


professional career growth

According to Exforsys,Also through mentoring and
coaching is important to the employees as they will help them to grow
professionally interims on the way, they do interact in their work, on the way
they do tackle various problems and also on the aspect of making decisions as
well solving various problems that they do face. So through that they will have
grown professionally.


According to Exforsys, despite having increase
employees with enough self-confidence as well as self-esteem, in which it will
help the people know how to evaluate the overall attitude evaluation in
interaction with various individuals. Through these mentoring and coaching
programs within the company, it will enable its people in grabbing of new skills
as well to know which kind of skills can be used at particular for example,
skills like problem solving skills or analytical skills should be know when
have to be put in action and how effectively to use.

weak areas and turns them into potential success

According to Exforsys,Project managers should establish
these program of mentoring and coaching as its important in the changing and
advancing of his or hers subordinates as they will be able to identify their weakness
from their mentors and from there, they will be able to work on their area of weakness,
as for example, one may be lacking good presentations skills and from being
mentored he or she will work on the weakness accordingly and from time to time
and there after turn them into potential success.


the feeling of low self-worth and frustration.

According to Exforsys, Within any institution or organization,
where there is more than one employee, there is always many actions or
interaction within the project or activities as in which some employees will be
disregarded as being not the best on whatever task are asked to perform as well
as will be taken as being superior, so through the setting of these training of
mentoring and coaching as it will reduce the sense of low self-worth and
frustration among the employees.


How can coaching enhance project

to Stacy zeiger, Mentors and coaches may be professional consultants brought in
from outside a company to provide new insight or perspective or else veteran
employees who work to train newer employees. The strategies mentors and coaches
employ have the potential to motivate employees and increase productivity. A
company should seek out mentors and coaches who are not afraid to be honest
with employees in the interest of improving the company. Through those mentor
there will be the addressing of each and every one weakness as well as giving
guidance on how to being a better person in terms of professionalism and these
can be done through the following ways which are;



to Stacy zeiger, setting goals provides employees with something definite to
work toward and has the potential to increase productivity in the workplace.
Mentors and coaches help employees create realistic goals. These individuals may
also analyze employee performance and help employees set goals to improve areas
of weakness. Throughout the process of reaching a goal, mentors and coaches provide
motivation and feedback to encourage employees to keep on track. Hence these
goals will motivate and create the culture of working hard and hence good


to Stacy Zeiger, in some companies, employees complain that they rarely receive
feedback about their performance. Mentors and coaches help provide that
necessary feedback. Positive feedback reinforces strong behaviors in the workplace
and provides workers with motivation to keep working hard. Constructive
criticism addresses areas of concern and offers suggestions for improving
performance. Consistent feedback from mentors and coaches not only helps
improve employee performance, but it ensures employees are not caught off guard
when disciplined for poor performance. Through this feedback they will help
employees to monitor and know what is their right track in case of aspects of enhancing

and Rewards

to Stacy Zeiger, Celebrations and rewards help motivate workers. As employees
reach goals in the workplace and make improvements to their performance based
on constructive criticism, mentors and coaches should take the time to reward
employees and celebrate their achievements. Celebrations and rewards will build
respect for the mentor or coach and help employees see that the individual is
not only there to criticize but also to share in employee case of
these it will give the employees the energy to be focused to work hard as they
will be receiving the rewards which will enhance their performance.



to Stacy Zeiger, Mentors
and coaches provide someone for new employees to collaborate with as they begin
working with a company. These individuals’ help employees learn to navigate an
organization and how to complete tasks effectively. Additionally, mentors and
coaches may be called in to work with a team project, help keep team members on
the same page and make sure they communicate effectively and through that they
will learn the job together which will raise their performance.






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