Secondary them going”(p.16). According to Rahman et al.

data analysis:       Personal Social and Humanities Education
Section Education Bureau (2013) noted that, in order to facilitate the growth
of the tourism industry and motivate more tourists to visit to a destination,
different sectors take their own roles to enhance the experience of tourists in
different stages (p.96).


         Scribd (2017) concluded that, “Necessary
steps will be taken to motivate
local tourists to -visit places in
the country and tothis end the
service-establishments that are built for development of tourism would beoperated in a manner to
generate incomes barely enough for keeping them

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According to Rahman et al. (2010) concluded,

efforts in preparing Master Plan of cities and municipalities in the country
may help development of tourism plans for resourceful areas of the country.
What is imperative is that these physical plans take care of the resource
foundations and market expansion potential for possible tourism development in
each individual case of urban and rural settings. In each case, a tourism
functional system has to be developed relying on resource bases and internal
and external factors of tourism development. Communities of each tourism spot
must be integrated in the tourism development plan. In this respect, a national
physical plan of tourism development has to be framed to guide regional and
local tourism development sectors through Master Plan of individual cases”(p.75)








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