Scars wound and the amount of blood that

Scars are part of everybody’s life whether
it’s a toddler bumping his face on the corner of a table while running around
the room or an adult getting a huge zit pop-up on his/her face. Lingering scars
are the worst. There are a number of beauty and skin care products available
for treating the acne scars and dark spots. Such as Peter Thomas Roth
offers Acne Spot and Area Treatment that helps quite a lot in scar
prevention. Although, getting these scars is normal but there are a number of
ways we can lessen the severity of these lasting scars.

First it is important to understand the
reason behind scar formation. Scars actually represents that the healing
process has been initiated. When we get an injury, production of collagen gets
excessive in order to recover the wound as soon as possible. Collagen is
basically a tissue but it is different from the other parts of the skin due to
which it looks different and prominent on the face. The appearance and
prominence of a scar also depends upon some other factors as well. Such as the
depth and size of wound and the amount of blood that can get to that injured
area. It also depends on the skin type, colour and thickness.

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Skin Restore Gel is another product offered by PHP Ethical Beauty that
contains Aloe Vera. It facilitates in skin healing process and it also cleanses
the skin to avoid any scar formation.

There are basically three types of scars
that we get. Normal scars are comparatively small, thin and flat i.e. less
prominent. While hypertrophic scare are a bit raised, thick and red in colour.
Keloid scars on the other hand are expanded over the wounded area and just like
Keloid scars, they are raised, red and often darker in colour. These type of
scars are often genetic in nature and are difficult to control and predict.
They are formed due to excessive production of collagen tissue and by injecting
steroid medications on the affected area. These scars require medical

Pore formation is also common after wounds
and Pores No More – Pore Effect by Dr. Brandt is a very useful
cream in preventing the ugly appearance of open large pores on your face.

When you get a wound, it is also important
to keep it moist because a dried up wound can cause severe scars. Petroleum jelly
is beneficial in this regard. Secondly, don’t follow deceptive advertising of
scar creams without the recommendation of an expert dermatologist. Go for
creams having vitamin E in them because vitamin E helps in reducing scars.

Massaging also helps. Massaging with
Vitamin E on a daily basis can help you get a less visible scar. Sun protection
is also important because harmful UV radiations can worsen the skin conditions.

Last but not the least, it is important to
stay calm and patient because every wound requires time for a complete healing
process. Healing takes time so let it heal naturally.

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