Right black holes, this one was different. It

Right to the Black hole


4 months have
gone since I started my training for this mission, I don’t know if I’m going to
survive or die.

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To introduce
myself I’m Emily Hart and I’m an astronaut at NASAs Kennedy Space Center in
Florida. For about 6 month ago some of our scientist discovered a new black
hole. But it was not like other black holes, this one was different. It did not
just absorb everything, like a normal hole would do. So the scientist decided
to build a drone that could fly into the hole.

About 38
hours after the drone was lift-off, it arrived to the hole. The whole command
was ready for the moment. The drone flew with full power right in to the black
hole, it was smashed around. We lost contact with it. Everybody believed we
lost it, BUT then we got a signal from the other side. THE DRONE SURVIVED!! But
the place it ended had never been discovered by humans before. After getting
that knowledge it didn’t take more than 1 hour to make the decision – NASA had
to send a spaceship through the black hole.

I volunteered; I am one of the
astronauts who gets a chance to wright this world history.

Another volunteered with me – Buck
Anderson, one of the best male astronauts on the Center

The following
month, Buck and I trained for the space journey, it was hard but it made us
ready even though we didn’t know what to be prepared on. A new life on another
planet? Get lost in outer space? Or maybe we are just going to die trying.

Today is the
day. The day that is going to change everything in my life. The command told us
that today is the perfect day to leave, the conditions is exactly like the day
we lift-off the drone. I spend whole yesterday with my family, and I said
goodbye. It was hard, I don’t know if I ever see them again but I hope so.

10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1…… prrrruuuuhhhh!!!

The sound of 8 enormous engines made me deaf for a
moment and my heart skipped a beat. As soon as we arrived to the atmosphere,
the command contacted us. Everything looked fine from both sides.


21 hours later: 
We just arrived to the outside of the black hole. My heart is beating
like it never has before.

Command to ship “Are you guys ready
for this?”

Buck “Yes I set the engines for full
power in 30 seconds”

Command “As long as you hit right in
the middle, you are having a chance”

Buck “See you on the other side”  

countdown started – 5, 4, 3, 2, 1… WE SHOT ALONG WITH 1000 MPH, RIGHT INTO THE
I was dead, but I wasn’t – I WAS ALIVE AND I SAW LIGHT…





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