Praise Without a quality education, it will lead



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I hope this paper can increase knowledge and experience for the readers, For
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January 2018












Contents. iii
I.       Intoduction. 1
1.1         Background. 1
Formulation of Problems. 2
Purpose of the Paper. 2
II.      Discussion. 3
2.1         Quality
Education. 3
2.2         Quality
Education in Indonesia. 3
2.3         How
the Indonesian Government to Improve the Quality of its Education. 4
III.         Conclusion
and Suggestion. 4
3.1         Conclusion. 4
3.2         Suggestion. 5
Daftar Pustaka. 6







is an important thing to support the progress of a State. With education, a
State can advance, financially, infrastructure, social life, and so on. Without
a quality education, it will lead to the withdraw of a nation in the future.
Because, if there is no smart young generation, the State will not be able to
maximize its potential.

example the Japanese Country. Japan was once hit by a crisis when his country
was hit by an atomic bomb during the war. At that time the first sentence
spoken by the emperor is “how many teachers are still there?”, It
proves that Japan is a country that really consider quality education is an
important issue. Until now, Japan is one country that has a population with
high quality education.

in the State of Indonesia, education is still a problem that must be improved,
both in the education system and infrastructure of school. Educational problems
that occur in Indonesia has an impact on the education of Indonesia in the
world. At the rank organized by an organization called the Program for
International Student Assessment (PISA) in 2012, Indonesia is ranked 62 out of
72 countries. The PISA rating is measured by testing 15-year-olds on natural
and mathematical skills. This rating is still considered quite low because it
is inferior to other ASEAN countries.











Formulation of problems


1.      What
is the quality education?

2.      How
is the quality of education in Indonesia?

3.      How
the government improve the quality of education in Indonesia?

Purpose of the paper


1.      To
know the quality education

2.      To
know the condition of education in Indonesia

3.      To
know how the government of Indonesia improve its quality of education



















2.1Quality Education


to J. Dewey, Education is the
process of facilitating learning, or the acquisition of knowledge, skills, values, beliefs,
and habits. Educational methods
include storytelling, discussion, teaching, training, and directed research. Education is
something that makes someone knows more than just a basic knowledge, but makes
you knew attitude too.

now, a quality education is not just about knowing all of knowledge. For
example education in finland, in finland, the kids are starting to go to school
at the age of 7, and it doesn’t have a strict lesson hours. In finland, there
are rarely to have a homework, so the kids are not stressed about school.
Finland have the biggest percentage of students who graduates high school, they
have 93 percent students graduate from high school. All of that because of the
principle and attitude that finland teach.

attitude, literacy is something important that makes quality education. Some of
institution measure education from the quality of literacy that nation have.
All of it because of the hoax issue that happens lately, the poor of literacy
can makes people provokes easily. Indonesia have poor literacy ranking.
Indonesia is ranked 60th out of 61 countries, from the Central Connecticut
State Univesity study in 2016.


2.2     Quality
Education in Indonesia


Indonesia, quality education is a serious issue. The issues is about
infrastructure, system of education, and the way of thinking of the people.
Former Minister of Education and Culture Anies Baswedan said as many as 75
percent of schools in Indonesia do not meet the minimum education service
standards. That number is not as good as another country in the world.

the system of education, there are 2.5 million Indonesian children are not able
to continuing education as many as 600 thousand elementary school children (SD)
and 1.9 million children of Junior High School (SMP). The system need to be
fixed so education can be afford to everyone. Government should makes a policy
that take sides to a poor people.

then, there are many Indonesian people thinks that school are not important.
They think about that because there are few knowledge that can be useful for
life. There are many people that only can afford education to junior high
school, even to elementary school. Because of that, many poor people don’t go
to school and start working in an early age.

2.3     How
the Indonesian Government to improve the quality of its education


the history of the formulation of the preamble of the 1945 Constitution, there
is a State goal that mentions the word “intellectual life of the
nation” refers to the development of science and technology through
education. The mandate in the Preamble of the 1945 Constitution related to the
intellectual life of the nation must be based on the values ??of Belief in the
One Godhead, and so on, namely Pancasila. The process of intellectual life of
the nation that is free from the values ??of sipirituality, humanity, national
solidarity, deliberation and justice is the injury to the mandate of the
Preamble of the 1945 Constitution which is the historical document of the
Indonesian nation.

this, it can be seen that Indonesia strongly supports the existence of quality
education. Indonesia has several policies to support quality education. The
policy is a 12-year free school, school zoning policy, and school policy. The
school zoning policy requires local children to occupy the surrounding school.
Meanwhile, the five-day school policy gives students the opportunity to rest in
order not to be too tired school.


Conclusion and Suggestion



is a serious problem that needs to be fixed. In Indonesia, education should be
improved in order to produce quality education. Indonesia needs to be serious
in responding to existing educational problems, because in the eyes of the
world, Indonesia ranks poorly. Because during the formation of the State,
Indonesia has established “intellectual life of the nation” as one of
the goals of the State of Indonesia.





needs to be serious in responding to existing educational problems, because in
the eyes of the world. Indonesia can imitate the education system of developed
countries and neighboring countries that have successfully improved the quality
of education of the country




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