Lawrence that most wars today are fought for

Lawrence LevyProfessorSociology1/29/17                      Question 9 South ParkSouth Park is one of the most successful television show that has aired for the last 25 years. However, while most cartoons show the past decade is just pure comedy, South Park uses their power and their comedy skills to saltire American culture. At an early, I was not allowed to watch South Park so I was introduced to it at a friend’s house. My first impression of South Park was it just another late cartoon show with a bunch of toilet jokes but after watching it for a few weeks I realized it was much more than that it, it was actually a satire of American culture. South Park is about a couple kids from a town called South Park located in Colorado. The show is still running after 17 successful seasons. South Park is one of the only shows that will capture American Attitudes and satirize them to a point of no description. South Park always does a great job of providing of a new side to current issues that are happing in society. A great example of South Park making fun of issues in today’s society is Season 21 episode 1. Where that make fun of the newly elected President Donald Trump and his problem of tweeting whatever is inside of his head. Are some examples “You really think Tweek is scared? Tweek will single-handedly go to North Korea and F*** all you up.” In this example that hit on two major issues happing in America the first one is Donald Trump our president not being able to quit he’s twitter fingers and the second problem is the ongoing battles with North Korea. Another great example is in the tenth season episode 12 “Go God Go”. This episode the producers are trying to show that most wars today are fought for religious reasons. Americans think If everybody was an atheist war would cease to exist but the producers of South Park think differently. The producers showed a futuristic world where everybody was an atheist but war was still a reality in this world but the three atheists factions were at war because they disagreed on what was the great question all about. To some people, South Park is just with stupid jokes but it is much more than that. It also a show that shows perfect examples of satire of American society and culture. Yet despite all the of the satire that shames Americans, South Park does not disagree with American society on every single thing. In many parts of the show, main characters will show patriotism towards our country. Such as Stan one of the main characters saying “America may have some problems, but it’s our home, our team, and if you don’t want to root for your team then you should get the hell out of the stadium.” 

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