Job Job enlargement is the increase in tasks

Job redesign is the
restructuring of a job by rearranging tasks and duties by means of putting more
responsibilities in order to make it more interesting, satisfying and
challenging for workers. An example can be seen with an office assistant if her
typical daily tasks was to answer telephones and organizing files for his/her
boss than this job would soon become dull for them. In that case the employer
can redesign the job role by adding more responsibilities such as helping with
projects/cases, reading and responding to emails and so on.  It was first observed in the 1950’s that
workers working on assembly line would become numbed to the job. The workers
would feel drained and lacking in any motivation to work at all (Rosenfeld
& Wilson, 1999).This brought about the idea of job redesign as a
non-financial way to help motivate employees after it was observed that workers
was no longer motivated by money alone but there are other factors involved
that was needed to be considered in order to meet their needs. According to
Maslow hierarchy of needs (1943) there are five levels of needs that man needs
to satisfy. He further states that until one’s safety and security needs are
satisfy, than status based rewards would have little effect (Rosenfield &
Wilson, 1999). This essay further elaborates on how work performance and satisfaction
can be increased by job redesign.

Job redesign consists of
three different methods which includes, job enlargement, job enrichment and job
rotation all with one common goal which is to motivate and encourage employees.
Job enlargement is the increase in tasks for a specific job, for example in a
carpentry business if one person was in charge to cut the wood, one designs the
furniture another assembles the parts and one paints the finishing product. The
process of job enlargement would make one person do more than one tasks. Furthermore
according to Cambridge Dictionary online, job enrichment is a situation
in which extra tasks are added to someone’s job to provide them with more responsibility
and make them more satisfied with their job. Moreover
in job enrichment an employee is also given the authority and responsibility
needed to complete those added tasks. Lastly job rotation is when employees’
switches job roles with another throughout the day in order to pursue a
different tasks. All three of these methods brought many advantages to both employer
and the employees of an organization.

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Firstly job redesign and
its processes can enhance the quality of working life for an employee. This is
as they are given more responsibility they feel happier in their job and it
also boost their self-esteem, which is level four of Maslow’s hierarchy of
needs. In addition to this productivity also increases along with work
performance. Secondly a sense of belongingness develops in the workers as they
feel more at ease in their job and since they are able to learn new things as
well as perform to their full capability instead of just doing what is ordered
by the management. Moreover more responsibility with a job can also bring a
sense of empowerment to employees, for example if a manager delegated authority
to a lower subordinate to be in charge of a project and to take important
decisions, the subordinate would be motivated to tackle the tasks in order to
prove to his manager that he is reliable. This is a part of job enrichment.

On the other hand for both
the employer and the company the introduction of job redesign proved to be
fruitful. It reduced the rate of absenteeism and labor turnover. The increased
in labor productivity lead to increase in sales so as a result bringing more
profit for the company. The happy working environment also gives an
organization a good reputation and thus attracts better skilled workers.

To conclude it is much clear
that job redesign was a successful concept brought forward by the classical
thinkers and till this day it has proved to bring many benefits as mentioned







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