It’s You know if your caught there are

It’s quite normal to just download content from the
internet, through Torrents or just online stream it. Everyone does it and you
think it’s all fine. However, have you ever been patient enough to wait for the
entire credentials after a movie. Mostly not but that is not the point. The
thing is that of the amount of people working through years to create that
movie, the money involved, salaries of the employees etc. Now it’s time to give
it a thought! Do you believe you could just download a movie in just two hours
which was initially made over two years. I mean no one is working for free,
then how are you getting it for free. 

The answer is simple, you are illegally pirating the
movie. In simple words your stealing it! Which is wrong. If you think it’s just
fine with you to steal, who will ever know about this. Then you are wrong
again! Do you think the companies are not aware of pirating at all. Don’t you
feel that they would do anything to save their hard work.

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Whatever you do over the internet is recorded on a
server. Your IP address acts like a tail, through this anyone could come to
know your exact location. You  know if
your caught there are penalties. Earlier the companies were directly given the
authority to sue the people they found copying their content. However now if
your found guilty then there will only be an harsh letter. The first time you
receive the letter you get a strike from your ISP (Internet Service Provider).
The rule is- “six strikes and you’re out”. The sixth warning if received then
the company has the complete authority to sue you. 

It is not as easy to find your IP. Direct
downloading or live streaming could be safer then torrent. For the companies to
know your IP the website or place where you have downloaded from, has to first
harvest your IP. Uploading illegal content is much more dangerous then downloading
as, it’s because someone has uploaded it that thousands have downloaded it.
After the file is done downloading in torrent, it forces you to seed. 

Don’t be afraid if you have ever pirated illegally
as the reason you have not been caught or suspected is that the odds are very
low. Probably one in thousands is tried every day. If being caught just gives
you a letter then, risking it till three strikes could be the most you could
dare   and be quite safe. After all this, if you want
to legally download content  there are
various ways of doing so. However, this way doesn’t come free. If you want
movies then you can simply get a Netflix or Usenet account. Another way is to
stay anonymous by paying for a VPN instead. A VPN will create an extension with
a network such as the internet. You will 
stay hidden and your IP will be faked. At this point you can download
illegally without getting suspected. So now the question is; should we pirate
illegally or not?

We know that pirating is illegal and, most things
which is illegal are wrong. However, everyone is willing to take the risk of
doing something wrong if the chances of getting caught are quite low. To tell
you, getting caught pirating is about one in a thousands. Even though the odds
of getting caught is very low, the penalties are extremely high. A thirty-two
year old women was found guilty for downloading twenty-four songs
illegally.   For this she was fined  dollars eight-hundred-thousand each. Which is
added up to dollars one- point-nine million. The fines can be between dollars
seven-fifty to dollars three-hundred-thousand for an item.  

Would you want to pirate files and get into trouble
or not pirate but buy content. If you get a dollars three-hundred-thousand fine
then I am pretty sure that you would end up on the road. However why not get
the content for free. I mean if you are successful then why not. Tough choice
right, here is some good news. According to you, there are how many illegal
downloads done every day; Millions right, out of which two percent of those are
caught and sent emails about their deeds. It’s wise not to reply as say, out of
one-fifty emails thirty reply. Then their case will be resumed. The remaining
one-twenty left as they will rather concentrate at the pirates who are caught
next day.

Always remember – pirating is not advisable and is wrong.
It’s because of content pirates the companies are not given the amount of money
they deserve. It is still alright to pirate content which is not available or
your financial status is not good. In this case I, wish you good luck.  


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