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It is commonly known, that many people collect and store albums of their favorite artists, their photographs, and books the conventional way. However, with the arrival of the technological era, there is the possibility to download and save whatever is concerned with music, reading and taking pictures. Many individuals often debate whether the digital form of storage is better or the traditional one. Even though both of the aspects have major advantages, they also have a couple of setbacks.To start off, many people prefer saving collections in their physical form and consider as a better option. It has been compared that particularly by obtaining the physical form, for instance of a music album, the sentimental value is more appreciated, rather than just downloading it from the internet. Also, if someone wants to come by with a book, they feel the need to support the writer, thus buying a copy of it. Moreover, they tend not to rely on digital forms of storage, because of its instability. In other words, they fear losing the memory of the device, and having to search and repeat the process of downloading the same stuff.On the other side, opponents suggest that even though it may decrease the value that has a piece of art, their option is a better way of use. First of all, contrary to what has been said above, they imply that there is no need of worrying about losing the memory of a device, as long as someone can easily have a copy, and ‘back it all up’. To continue with, they feel that it is also more comfortable to use, because of a search bar, where you can type anything you feel like listening, or reading. Also, they do not feel the guilt of ‘reducing the value’ of a product, as far as the digital forms are far cheaper, and they can be equally appreciated with the physical ones. To sum up, it is true that both sides have their ups and downs. What is really important though, that despite the decrease of the value, the digital way of storage may seem much more comfortable for a person, who is always using their phone. Considering the other side, it may seem as a better option for a collector, who wants to have a copy of the original product. 

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