IBM: and lavish. While, the Pervasive Encryption provides



Reliability is the key to attract the customers. It
is one of the essentials that every company strives to achieve. And “Data
security” being a cardinal task, has become crucial with an increasing number
of hackers around the globe. To trounce and outclass the present scenario, the
New York tech giant-IBM (International Business Machines) has come up with an
enhanced security system – the z14 mainframe’s pervasive

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You might ask “What is Encryption?”

is a process of converting an information or data into its respective code, to
secure it from unauthorized access.



Encryption is considered complex because agencies
always battle with queries such as “What, Where and Who is responsible for
encryption?” And this hunting gets ambiguous, thus generating encryption at an
application level. The cost for this is also extravagant and lavish. While, the
Pervasive Encryption provides a condour type of system and enables extensive




Mainframe’s Pervasive Encryption: This type of extensive
security system helps to stay secure and one step ahead of cyber threats. The
z14 mainframe is used to administrate a massive amount of 12 billion data transactions.
For the first time IBM has emerged with a stupendous security system in which
encryption is done at every level.



The encryption container comprises of the sorted
data where even the zealous hackers out there have a tough time to hoax.


The leading tech
blogger TechCrunch revealed that if an intruder tries to hack the data, the z14
mainframe will automatically shut down. Despite of succeeding these defenses,
which is hardly possible, it would still tend to provide useless data. It
proffers an integration of hardware, OS, middleware and delivers a performance
of more than 6x to z13 and 18 times faster when compared to other competitive








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