Have have you’ve ever thought of a society

Have you ever thought of a world with complete peace?, a world where everyone is equal and together?, where there’s not world hunger or a shortage of water supply, have you’ve ever thought of a society so perfect you can’t even dream about it? Think of a perfectly equal, balanced society, you have a utopian society where one special character lives. Living in a “PERFECT” society, Or so you think.Jonas is a 11 year old boy who lives in a perfect society everything is under control. There is no fear, war or pain. In this community there are roles, everyone has one, Jonas is assigned as the giver, one of the most important jobs in the community, as the giver, Jonas and only Jonas holds the true pain and pleasure of life. Jonas is a very curious boy questions a lot if things such as this time when a pilot flew over the comunity, pilots are not allowed to fly over the community, on a big intercom it says that pilot is set to be released, he questions the meaning of released at the dinner table, this will come back into picture later in the story but he’s a very curious person. That questions a lot of things. Jonas is being trained by the previous giver, jonas will become his successor everyday jonas learn something new about her new role. Sometimes even to much and struggling with the new information he’s taking in. but each new info he gets the more he come to question the society by but it takes him some time to question it because he’s been living in this “perfect” utopia for 12 years.Gabriel and the Original Giver are very important and are the main reason Jonas challenges the society‚Ķ.Gabriel is a baby that jonas family has to take care of he has trouble sleeping at night so Jonas uses his new giver “Powers” and shows Gabriel memories that he’s received from training to become the giver, because of this he and jonas Become very close cause of the time there spending, But the real reason gabriel is assigned to jonas’s family is cause he is considered a failure to thrive in the community. Later Gabriel becomes a BIG part of the story, you will just have to wait and see.The Giver is probably the most important and main reason why jonas challenges the society in the giver, he is jonas mentor and teaches jonas everything jonas needs to learn and more, and lowkey he wants to challenge the society as well, He believes everyone in the community deserves to have the past memories and true pain of the real world. The original giver definitely knows what true pain feels like, He experienced the Highest highs and the lowest lows, he’s had to hold memories of the greatest accomplishments and the worst things to ever happen. The Happiest and Saddest moments and time of millions of people, he can’t share any of that to the people so when jonas comes around he in great shape to mentor him. The giver is a very important corner stone to why jonas challenges society.Now jonas becomes the New receiver and when he does he receives memories that changes the way he thinks about the community, then Jonas Finds out what release means, then he finds out that HIS father releases newborn baby’s (KILLS BABIES) Jonas is OUTRAGED, Remember when i said jonas questions a lot of things? Remember when i also said each new thought he gets the more the questions the society? Well he been so that the whole time and now that he knows a releasing means and what he’s fathers doing, now he done and Is gonna challenge everything that this “perfect” society stands for, he’s gonna do whatever it takes to change things. Jonas’s plan the challenge and change things is to flee the community with Gabriel (told you he was gonna come up again)l and his goal being to inspire the community that there is a better, real life then this fake utopia, trying to find the world he’s memories showed him.

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