First Real Estate Investment Trust which was recognized

First established in 1949 in Chicago, Baker McKenzie is
a leading multinational law firm today with a strong expertise in 15 different
practice areas and nine different industry sectors including real estate as
well as hotels, resorts and tourism (Appendix
1). In FY17, significant growing
practices included tax, dispute resolution, banking and finance, merger &
acquisitions and capital markets (Baker McKenzie., 2017). With widespread of
practice areas and proficiency in different industries, Baker McKenzie has all
the legal solutions clients may require under one roof.

Baker McKenzie’s member firm in Singapore named Baker
McKenzie Wong & Leow is a joint law venture with Wong & Leow LLC and
has full audience rights before the Singapore courts. The Singapore member firm
has advised major clients such as Gaw Capital Partners on its $S203 million acquisition
of BIG Hotel and the sale
of Park Hotel Clarke Quay to Ascendas Hospitality Real Estate Investment Trust which
was recognized the REIW Asia 2013 Best Exit of the Year (Baker
McKenzie., n.d.)
.Baker Mckenzie has a global team consisting over 13
000 employees in 77 offices across 47 countries. With lawyers who collaborate
well across borders, markets and industries worldwide, Baker McKenzie has more
than 65 percent cross-border deals. Maintaining a consistent strong performance, Baker
McKenzie instils confidence in their clients as they continue to rank the
number one firm in the world the by number of cross-border deals for the eighth
consecutive year and first for the 12th consecutive year for the number of
announced and completed deals with emerging market involvement (Baker
McKenzie., 2017)

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The strong global presence of Baker McKenzie helps
clients overcome challenges of competing in a global economy though local legal
and commercial knowledge coupled with international expertise and resources. As a client driven law firm, Baker McKenzie aims to
support clients traverse problems they face and prepare them for future
problems in this volatile world. In 2017, Baker McKenzie launched a global
innovation programme to address changing client needs, new industry dynamics
and digitization widening across the economy (Thomson, 2017). Investing into design thinking-based
client co-creation model for services, circling around client challenges, Baker
McKenzie revolutionise the traditional legal industry’s capabilities-focused
approach to a truly client-centric approach.

To further drive collaboration between the firm and
clients, Baker McKenzie opened a Toronto-based Whitespace Collab as a major hub (Brown, 2017). Baker McKenzie is
also the only law firm to partner with the World Economic Forum on their Fourth
Industrial Revolution project (World Economic Forum:, 2018).

Besides benefiting their clients and people, these
initiatives contributes to a direct financial impact on Baker McKenzie’s
financial performance.  For FY17, despite
uncertain times, there was a five percent global revenue growth to $2.67
billion, a percent profit increase and revenue growth in all regions (Baker
McKenzie., 2017). Baker McKenzie practices
corporate social responsibility and is a signatory of the UN Global Compact (United
Nations Global Compact, n.d.). Through their pro
bono work, Baker McKenzie leverage on their bandwidth, talents and resources to
aid people through their work in many places and large-scale projects, while
building their business on collaborations that strategically serve their
clients’ interests (Baker McKenzie., n.d.).

Diversity is the
foundation of Baker McKenzie’s culture (Baker McKenzie., 2018). The belief in a diverse
and inclusive workforce boost creativity and wider range of opinions, providing
clients true insight and exceptional service.

Baker McKenzie is also
one of the first multinational law firms to initiate a Climate Change Practice
with a commitment to reduce their environmental footprint through sustainable
initiatives (Baker McKenzie., n.d.). 

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