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Dear fellow Colonists,    I’d like to bring to your attention that these “patriots” are making a very violent, unnecessary protest against the British imposed acts.The Sons of Liberty, or patriots, are destroying our tea and ignoring taxes which is getting us punished for their wrong doings. Great Britain’s response was to impose acts as a form of punishment like the Coercive Act. When the Sons of Liberty go and destroy mass amounts of tea, do they not expect Britain to retaliate, do those wicked Sons expect that their actions will go unnoticed? It’s so infuriating when us, loyal to Great Britain, get punished alongside these rioters as if we did the deeds ourselves. The Boston tea party wasn’t even close to being as righteous as the Sons of Liberty thought. Depriving all of us, loyal citizens, from our beloved tea isn’t any way to protest a change. When William Pitt of England said, “This is the mother country, they are the children; they must obey and we prescribe” He meant that we need to follow Britain’s laws and orders, which includes paying taxes. Why can’t these Sons of Liberty just act like true sons of Britain and pay a measly fee for goods, but they insist on fighting back and starting a revolution over something as small as a tax. Are countless lives and torrents of blood worth just paying a small amount of money? Britain’s reaction to all this independence nonsense is a totally legitimate response. All those violent Sons are getting worked up about getting punished for doing wrong. The rioters are shocked when the Coercive acts are placed like it was ungodly and unjust. The Act was placed as a punishment to the evildoers to stop them from destroying property and hurting innocent soldiers. The Boston “Massacre” is a great example of their violent motives. The massacre wasn’t even a massacre, all the people who died were brandishing clubs and weapons to threaten the soldiers, The men were in fear of their lives when they shot. The soldiers fired in self-defense and thus were acquitted of all charges. That is evidence enough that the Sons of Liberty deserve death. The Sons of Liberty act as if they’ve done no wrong, as if they don’t deserve punishment for threatening and later beating innocent men. Before the massacre did the Sons believe it was righteous and no retaliation would follow. All this war nonsense is completely irrational, sure they did tax us but it was for a reason. This worthless conflict could’ve been avoided if some people just paid a small petty fee. No blood would be shed, no battles for independence, just living in peace with a good caring mother. 

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