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ack of the house supervisor is a very complex position and require the person to have skills of time management, multitasking, team leader, and exemplary more of all he has to show that he is committed, have good communication skills,know how to promote the product, maximise the sale, engage with guest,promote the hotel and its services.The bartender; the main duties are:Counting items in the bar and note any consumption in the sheet and signReplace the consumption one with new stocksEnsure the adequate supply of glasses and that they are well polished and so on.In this position the employee are very much in contact with the customer,so he must have a good communication skills and a friendly attitude; they also have a professional manner and comply with the company policies and procedures,be confident when dealing with colleagues and customers.the employee does not require any qualification but training is highly recommended.  (Kelchner.L 2017assassed 2018)Task 2 textbookThis is the textbook used in induction for management training programme initiated by BHALO1: understand the current structure of the hospitality ({assessed on december 2017})1.1 analyse the current scale ,scope, and diversity of the hospitality industry. The hospitality industry consists of travel; lodging, assembly and event management; restaurant and managed services and recreation. Travel: according to the dictionary; travel is to go from one place to another you can travel by car, train, plane, or ship; it’s can also be defined as taking a trip or a journey. The choice of travel mode is different from one individuals to another this can be influenced by their budget, preference and time management. (walker,2017)Lodging lodging : longing can be defined as a temporary accommodation with room to rent this can be hotel; lodge; resort;inn…according to walker (2017) the lodging industry is more than $155 billions with more than 53.000 property and almost 5,000,000 rooms; this industry is changing and flourishing very quickly and the management have to adapt accordingly.Assembly and event management :this consist of meetings, expositions and conventions;meetings are events design to bring people together so they exchange information its provides a welcome place for the members and guests; they are well rounded establishment offering venues for business affairs, for personal functions and banquets.  (j.walker,2017)Restaurant and managed services: according to oxford dictionary restaurant is a place where people pay to sit and eat meals that are cooked and served on the premise. In the restaurant we can have:Chain restaurant: group of restaurant with identical layout, concept, service style and food e.g Macdonald; KFC …Independent restaurant: not associated with any brand or name; operation are more independent, creative and flexible usually provide better hospitality. E.g fine dinner, restaurant in hotel …(by c.dioquino september 2015 {assessed december 2017} )Recreation:this consist of attraction, gaming, park and recreation; its provides a place for people to go for a day or entire vacation to relax and have fun(walker. 2017)1.2 discuss the organisational structure of different hospitality organisation. Organisation structure is  a skeleton supporting the organisation and give to this a shape. The various department within the organisation give the structure a plan to ensure the company perform its essential tasks and goals. It help everyone to know their position and who handle each kind of task; its improve communication and make sure people aren’t running up against each other; the employee perform better when they know who to report to and who is responsible of their department.A structure which define role, function, scope of authority and systems clearly help enable people to work together and accomplish the business purposes.To create a good structure it good to translate the function into department for example if a departement have to sell the product,

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