A pairs is that one part complements and

family is the part of the Islamic social order. Islam wants to establish an ideological
society, with a high level of moral codes, commitment to the Khilafah and
purposive orientation of human behavior where the discipline is not an imposed
discipline, but one that flows out of every individual’s commitment. In the society
where the social codes have been followed and the system operates in a way that
strengthens and makes strong bond between all family members.

foundation of family system

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The Almighty Allah states in Quran,

And Allah has made for you from your homes a place
of rest  ( Al-Nahl: 80)

Traditions of
Muhammad (Peace be upon him) and family

Martial Affairs

According to Islamic teachings, the
relationship starts with nikkah (marriage).It is the firm contract of rights
and duties between spouses. This firm bonding brings husband and wife together
for the entire life and both get equal rights and are assigned equal duties and
each party has certain rights and duties are required to abide by the
convention and rules agreed between them during the time of nikkah. The contact
between man and woman is natural. The Almighty Allah has created things
including human beings in pairs in this universe. The Almighty Allah

We created you in pairs an Naba 78:8 2


A reason for the creation in pairs is
that one part complements and completes the other to form a whole. Man and
woman, when they join in nikkah, complete humanity. Marriage bond is provided
to solemnize the fulfillment of sexual desire in a most appropriate way.
Institution of family becomes sacred as its establishment and maintenance is decreed
by Almighty Allah Who states in Quran,

And of His signs is that He
created for you from yourselves mates that you may find tranquility in them;
and He placed between you affection and mercy. Indeed in that are signs for a
people who give thought?  Ar-Rum 30:213


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