Gattaca is a futuristic film revolving around a society that only accepts those that, genetically, come close to perfection. In this futuristic world, scientists have found a way to change DNA and select different characteristics for unborn children. Parents are able to decide whether they want their child to be smart, athletic, and tall, have green eyes, etc. Those who are genetically modified have access to good jobs while those who are natural have poverty and unemployment forced upon them. The main character of the film, Vincent, is an “invalid”, in other words, he is not genetically modified and was born with his natural genes. His biggest dream is to go to space but his ‘faulty’ genes prohibit it. Jerome, who is genetically modified, has been condemned to a wheelchair for the rest of his life due to an accident. Jerome provides Vincent with blood, urine and hair samples so that he may pursue his dream.

Humans untimely always
want to reach a level of perfection. With the advanced technology in the film
this was possible for certain people. Almost everyone would agree that having
the ability to change the DNA of an unborn child so that they won’t have ADHD,
down syndrome or other possibly harmful mutations. The issue arises when
society tries to perfect something that doesn’t need to be perfect. The
drastic difference between those who are natural born and those who aren’t creating an uneven balance in the social system. It also creates a form a
segregation that is caused by technology. Vincent even with his ‘impairments’
was able to accomplish his dream and even proved to be stronger than some
genetically modified individuals. The film ultimately attempts to show that
even with technology there will always be problems in society and that human nature
is perfectly imperfect. Since this film is a sci-fi film it allows the viewer
to see a more exaggerated future of what would happen if this technology was available.
Enlarging the issue of technology and genetic modification allows people to
think about other scientific breakthroughs such as cloning and the ethicalness
of it.

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